Imperial Leather Foamy Banana Shower Cream


You might remember that I posted about the scrumptious Imperial Leather Shower Creams a few months back – the Fruit Salad scent to be precise – and can you believe it, they’ve only gone and topped that with their newest release. The brand new Imperial Leather Foamy Banana Shower Cream* smells just as good as it sounds and is sure to make showers an even better experience.

If you were a fan of foam bananas growing up (I know I sure was, and wish I could be munching on a few right now) then you will love this shower cream! It smells exactly like foamy banana sweeties and for that reason alone it has become my favourite product to use in the shower. It’s great for waking you up in the morning if you’re feeling sleepy in the shower, and it’s a great scent to set you up for the day as it smells so darn delicious. Just make sure that you don’t try to eat it – it’s definitely not for eating! It has a lovely creamy texture that lathers up so easily and leaves skin feeling very clean and soft.

You can pick up the Imperial Leather Foamy Banana Shower Cream in Tesco and Superdrug for £1.80!