Let’s try this again

Long time no see…

At this point I feel like I’ve written more ‘Hi, I’m back’ posts than anything else on Kirsty writes, but yes, I’m trying this blogging thing again. Somehow four months have passed since my last post, but they’ve been busy months so I don’t feel quite as bad for neglecting my little bit of the internet.

Work has been busier than ever but I’m doing something that I really do enjoy, so I can’t help but feel so lucky to be where I am. I don’t talk much about my job but let’s just say that running a busy marketing department can be so incredibly stressful, yet so incredibly rewarding in many ways. While the busy summer months have been such a blur, I’m so excited to finally have a holiday as we’re jetting off to Rhodes in a couple of weeks for 7 days of relaxing and indulging in everything all inclusive has to offer!

As well as being busy with work, I’ve also been a bit unlucky when it comes to my health. I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll just say that I’m still between hospital visits and tests to hopefully find out what’s been plaguing my stomach after some really bad food poisoning about this time last year. Fingers crossed someone has an answer at long last!

My last point, and the one that has really taken away motivation, is that over the last few months I just haven’t been that interested in writing, especially when I went months without trying anything new (beauty-wise) and was definitely stuck in a rut when it came to skincare, makeup and anything else I was using. Luckily I’ve got a new found interest in wanting to take care of my skin and enjoy wearing makeup again, so you can bet I’ve got a fair few new things to talk about.

I don’t see Kirsty writes sticking to just beauty posts so hopefully you’ll also see more lifestyle and travel posts too, and I’ll try and share a bit from our upcoming holiday to kick this off. I’m not sure what’s coming next, but thanks for sticking around for this long!