Makeup I’ve hit pan on

If there was ever a way to find out someone’s favourite makeup products, you should really go through their stash and look out the ones that they’ve hit pan on. That’s exactly what I did the other day and I thought it was only right that I shared my most used makeup. I’m sure most of these won’t come as a surprise..

MAC Patisserie – my go-to lipstick shade and the one that never leaves my handbag. I fell in love with Patisserie as soon as I swatched it and I still love it to this day. It’s the perfect nude shade for my fairer skin and it’s what I reach for most days as it’s just so easy to wear.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 – the first palette I’ve hit pan on. Naked Basics 2 was always my palette of choice because of the cooler-toned matte shades inside, and there are 2 that I managed to hit pan on fairly quickly.

Stark (second shade from the left) is my idea of the perfect neutral matte eyeshadow as it looks so natural when applied all over the lid, but it still looks like you’ve made an effort with your eyes. I tend to reach for this on lazy makeup days!

Primal (second shade from the right) has been my brow powder of choice for quite a while now.. although I’ve now used it to the point where there’s absolutely nothing left in the pan. It was the perfect brown shade for my brows and one that I’ll definitely need to repurchase if it’s available in a single shadow.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder -my bronzer of choice last summer, and one that I still can’t stop using. This duo bronzer has seen a lot of love, especially on the lighter shade, and it’s what I like to reach for when I really want my skin to glow. I can’t wait to get lots more use out of it now that we’re getting closer to spring and summer, and I’m sure there will be hardly anything left of it in a few months time.

Last but not least, Benefit Hervana – the blusher that I always reach for. Swirling your blusher brush in Hervana gives your cheeks the prettiest flush and such a natural-looking glow. If you’re looking for a blusher that’s incredibly easy to wear and will last a very long time, look no further than Hervana!