Manicure Monday – Essie Ruffles & Feathers

The sun is shining (hopefully it still is by the time this post goes live) and it has given me the perfect excuse to try out one of the brighter shades from my recent Essie haul. It was a toss up between a few of the shades, but in the end it had to be Ruffles & Feathers that went straight on my nails as it just screams summer to me!


Ruffles & Feathers is described by Essie as a “powerful peacock teal”, and while I’d agree that it is as close to a peacock green shade as I’ll probably get in my collection, I wouldn’t call it a teal as there is hardly any blue in there. I’d describe this shade as an emerald green creme that is perfect for this time of year as it’s bright enough to be considered a summer polish, but also one that could be worn all year round.

I’ve been a bit spoiled with wonderful Essie formulas lately as there were a number of one-coaters in my haul, and while this particular polish couldn’t be worn as an opaque colour in one coat as it’s a little bit more watery, it’s still nice enough to apply and dries quickly on the nails. The photo above shows Ruffles & Feathers after two coats and I have to say that I’ve really been impressed with this colour, especially as it’s something very much out of my comfort zone when it comes to nail polish. I’m just hoping I can try and rock this particular shade with a tan next time around..