Manicure Monday | Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection


Cast your minds back to 2012 when Nails Inc released what is, in my opinion at least, one of the cutest nail polish collections that there has been. The Sprinkles collection was made up of four nail polishes that resembled all things sweet and colourful, and I really regretted not picking up at least one of the shades before the limited edition collection disappeared from the shops. Imagine my delight though when I came across a huge selection of discounted Nails Inc polishes in Watt Brothers – a discounted department store that can only be found dotted around Scotland – and my magpie eyes were drawn straight to the glittering Sprinkes collection. I ended up choosing two of the three shades available, Sweets Way and Fulham Palace Gardens, and couldn’t be happier with the new polishes in my life!

IMG_0063Swatches L-R: Sweets Way, Fulham Palace Gardens

I’ll start with Sweets Way, the Sprinkles shade that I had included in a wishlist post back in December 2012. This glitter polish is made up of a milky white with blue, pink, silver and white glitter, and I have to say that it is even more gorgeous in person. The little pieces of matte glitter layer so nicely and don’t feel hard or gritty on the nails, and I love that this polish can be worn as a wash of glitter over another colour or built up on its own to give a more opaque covering of milky white polish and glitter.

Next up is Fulham Palace Gardens, a polish that wasn’t actually included in the original Sprinkles collection but one that I’m glad to have my hands on as I prefer it to Topping Lane (the pink shade in the original collection). Fulham Palace Gardens is definitely more of a rainbow glitter shade as there’s a lovely mix of green, blue, pink, gold and silver in there, and I would liken the overall effect of this glitter polish to that of Jazzies (the round white chocolate sweets covered in hundreds and thousands, I hope you know the ones). Again, the matte glitter in this polish dries nice and flat on the nails so there’s no gritty texture, and the finish of it really is something special.

Both of these glitter shades have summer written all over them and are the perfect way to jazz up any pastel or bright nail polish! I managed to pick up the Sprinkles polishes for £2.99 each in Watt Brothers and as I’ve already said, you can only find these stores in Scotland, so you could always try eBay, Amazon or any other discounted beauty stores if you’re outside Scotland.