My iPad Case

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White PU Leather iPad Case, £19.99 from Amazon

It’s no secret that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my iPad since I got it at Christmas (don’t worry David, you haven’t been replaced I promise), and one of the first things on my mind was that I needed to get a good case to protect it. I’m one of those people who gets very over-protective of new gadgets and tend to keep the cellophane on the screen for as long as I possibly can, which meant that I was in desperate need of a case to protect both the screen and back of my iPad. Add into the mix that I was looking for a bluetooth keyboard which would make typing for blogging and university work a lot easier, and I eventually decided on this PU leather fold out case which was from a seller on Amazon (linked here). I’m very impressed with the case and so happy that I decided to go for this one as it has been handy in so many ways. The PU leather case is great as I think it looks more expensive than it really is and is a good material to keep your iPad safe without worrying about it shattering or anything like that. The fold out design also means that you can view your iPad both flat against a surface or stood at an angle thanks to the little stand situated at the top of the keyboard which I’ve had plenty of use out of already! One of the big selling points of the case for me was of course the bluetooth keyboard which was so simple to set up. There’s no need for wires or any other connections as the iPad picks the keyboard right away and you also have the option to preserve the rechargeable battery in the keyboard with an off and of switch. The keyboard is made of a soft jelly-like silicone material which I really wasn’t expecting but it has proven to be great for both silent typing and extra protection for the iPad screen as there’s no need to worry about scratches from the soft material when the case is closed over. As always there are slots cut out to allow for access to every port and switch on each side of the iPad. All in all I’m so glad that I invested in this case as opposed to a  more basic design as it has already been such a help for university work, blogging and general iPad use. At less than half the price of the official Apple version of the case, you really are getting yourself a good bargain and I can see the case lasting for a long time to come.