My week in pictures #17

I’ve been fairly quiet on Instagram so there aren’t many photos to add to this post, although it has been quite an eventful week for me. I have been on a job hunt since my summer holidays started back in May and had heard zilch back, until last week at least. Fast forward to now and I am down one interview with another one to come tomorrow. Fingers crossed that something can come out of one of these jobs because it would be very much appreciated! Apart from interview prep, my week has been spent seeing my lovely boy, watching far too many DVDs and spending a bit more time on the blog with what seems like a gazillion layout changes taking place right now. It’s still a work in progress right now so don’t be confused if you stumble across it while I’m still getting to grips with HTML and the blog is looking like a jumbled mess!

Cheering my desktop up with one of my own photos for a change, taken on a sunny day when I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the flowers in the garden · My brother’s birthday cake which was delishhh (and demolished not long afterwards..) · Continuing on with my One Tree Hill marathon and reliving some of my favourite scenes, with the cracker eating scene being one of my all time favourites for some unknown reason haha · Spending a poorly night in bed feeling sorry for myself and bawling my eyes out to The Notebook · Breaking the repeat button with Taylor Swift’s new song which has been stuck in my head for days · ..and finally seeing some more sunshine yipee.