My week in pictures #22

I have been a bit behind on posting this week as I’ve been busy but Sunday night is all about relaxing so what better time to get back into blogging. The biggest highlight of the week was finding out that I finally landed myself a new job HURRAH! It was third time lucky with the interviews that I’ve had over the past few weeks and I now work in a lovely local card shop which has been fab so far. I also made my first trip back into uni for a quick information session but the real work starts on Tuesday with back to back dissertation lectures. I’m sure my blogging will be less frequent now that I’m back at uni so please bear with me, but I’ll still be aiming for a few posts a week (fingers crossed). I hope everyone has had a lovely week!

Hitting 750 readers, thank you so much! · Getting back into the swing of walking through George Square everyday · Typical legs on the train shot · Getting bombarded with freshers leaflets · Absolutely loving the new Twitter layout · Another horrible and rainy day · A blog sale purchase and the cutest packaging I’ve seen (the old packaging of Topshop’s Sunbeam) · Being surrounded by boxes on my first day of work · Our film of choice the other night which I was so excited to see again · Finally getting around to trying the new Batiste scents as they’re half price in Superdrug at the mo · My break time reading at work · ..and the comfiest jeans that I’ve EVER worn. Primark, you really are the best!