My secrets to big hair

As someone with naturally straight hair that tends to fall flat, I’m always on a mission to find products that will give me the big hair I’ve craved. I’ve recently had a good few inches cut from my hair – it’s now just below my shoulders and the shortest I’ve had it in at least 10 years – and this has instantly helped to add some volume, but I still like to reach for the following products when I want to really add some oomph to my hair!

Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse – I received this little sample size as a birthday gift from Space NK back in February and I’ve only recently discovered just how good it is at adding lots of lovely volume to the roots. Just add a small amount of the mousse to damp hair, blow dry and then admire your voluminous locks! The mousse does add quite a lot of texture to your hair so make sure to give it a good brush out after drying and styling, but it does an amazing job of holding all day so I can’t fault it. I’m trying to make this small bottle last as long as I can as the full size sets you back £23 (ouch) but it’s an investment I’ll definitely be making when the time comes.

Schwarzkopf got2b Made 4 Mess Texturising Hairspray – When I’m looking to add even more life to my hair, this spray is what I reach for. I can definitely agree with its claims of ‘touchable texture’ as it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry or crispy, but the texture does a great job of adding volume and holding all day long.. especially now that my hair is shorter and my go-to hairstyle is messy waves. It’s also currently on offer at Boots so make sure to snap it up!

Primark Backcombing Brush – Last but not least is my bargain haircare favourite.. the £1 backcombing brush from Primark (I bought mine quite a while ago so I’m not sure if the price has changed since then, sorry). I reach for this brush when I’m craving even bigger hair or want to make it stays in place for special occasions, and I love that it’s so easy to add lots of volume without ruining your hair like I’ve found with normal brushes and combs.

I’d love to know – what are your secrets to big hair?