Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

I know summer’s just about over now (at least that’s what the weather is trying to tell us), but today I wanted to share the bodycare products that I’ve been loving this summer. I’ve been a huge fan of Soap & Glory for the longest time, but I love that I can still find new favourites years down the line. I would tend to stick to products with the signature Soap & Glory scent – you know the one – but decided to branch out and try my hand at the Sugar Crush range instead.

The only product I was already familiar with was the Sugar Crush Body Wash but was happy to have another bottle to get through thanks to its super zingy and refreshing scent. It’s a lovely product to use as it foams up nicely and leaves skin feeling soft afterwards.

I’ll admit that I don’t exfoliate my skin as much as I probably should, but this Body Scrub might just be what I needed to make a change as it’s a joy to use and smells absolutely delicious (it’s a mix of brown sugar, lime oil and almond oil). The scrub is thick but thankfully not harsh on the skin, and the oily texture means that your skin is left feeling super smooth and also nourished after use.

Last but not least is the Body Buttercream which again has the scrummy citus scent, this time mixed with shea & cocoa butter, as well as almond & coconut oil. This body butter does an amazing job of hydrating the skin as it’s so rich, but is also really easy to apply as it sinks into the skin so quickly – meaning you don’t need to wait around for ages before getting dressed, result!

Have you tried the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush range yet?