• New in | Haircare

    January 24, 2019

    Over the last year or so it has become quite apparent to me that I have a few hair favourites that I don’t tend to stray from, however this all changed when I got quite a lot of hair cut off back in December (best decision ever) and had to find a new routine that…

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  • A recent Body Shop haul

    December 9, 2018

    It’s been quite a while since I last did some shopping at The Body Shop, and while a couple of favourites needed repurchased, I also picked up a couple of new products to try as they sounded right up my street. It’s probably no surprise that the two repurchases came from the Camomile range as…

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  • My go-to oils this winter

    December 12, 2017

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a bit wary when it comes to oils. As someone with who tends to deal with an oily t-zone and oily roots, the thought of putting oil anywhere near my face or hair was an off-putting one. Luckily though, I’ve managed to find a couple of…

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  • Batiste Speed It Up Frizz Taming Blow Dry Accelerator

    October 3, 2017

    Fellow blow dry loathers, listen up… I might just have found the product to turn the chore of blow drying into something that’s not so bad after all! As someone with hair that isn’t very thick but has to deal with¬†lots of it, blow drying has always been the beauty task I dreaded the most.…

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  • Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder

    September 23, 2017

    If you’re a regular here then you’ll probably know that I suffer from very oily roots and always have to have dry shampoo to hand. I’m an avid user of Batiste dry shampoo (Blush and Tropical are my favourites) but decided that it was time to change things up, so I went searching for an…

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  • My secrets to big hair

    August 21, 2017

    As someone with naturally straight hair that tends to fall flat, I’m always on a mission to find products that will give me the big hair I’ve craved. I’ve recently had a good few inches cut from my hair – it’s now just below my shoulders and the shortest I’ve had it in at least…

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