This Works Deep Sleep

What better way to get you through January than with an incredibly relaxing pamper! I’ve wanted to try the This Works Deep Sleep range for the longest time as I’ve heard so many great things, and couldn’t believe my luck when I picked up the Bedtime Bliss gift set in the Beauty Bay sale for just under £10. Unfortunately the set has now sold out, but I wanted to post my thoughts on the products inside as I love them so much already.

Any good pamper starts with a bath, and for that I love to reach for the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak. This is actually the first bath soak I’ve tried (I’m a lover of bubbles and oils) and I’m completely sold already. It has a lovely lavender scent that is so soothing and great for de-stressing, and makes for some of the most relaxing baths I’ve ever had!

Next up is the This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil. As if I’m not feeling relaxed enough, I like to apply some of this oil to my skin when I’m out of the bath or shower. This oil has a gorgeous lavender and chamomile scent that’s really soothing and is also incredibly hydrating for the skin – perfect for this time of year when we’re still dealing with the colder weather.

Last but not least is the product I was most eager to try, the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Getting to sleep normally isn’t too much of an issue for me, but sometimes I do struggle if I’m feeling really stressed or my sleeping pattern is messed up. A couple of spritzes on your pillow will set you up for a great night’s sleep, but just make sure to spray from a distance as you don’t want a soggy pillow!