Throwback Thursday | Beauty edition

It’s Thursday which can mean only one thing… it’s time for a throwback. Today I wanted to look back on some old makeup favourites that everyone just had to get their hands on, and I’m going as far back as 2011 here! Make sure to let me know if this post takes you right back too, or if I’ve missed any beauty goodies that you used to obsess over.


Natural Collection Powders – I can still remember when everyone raved about the Natural Collection powders (especially the blushers and finishing powder) and rushed to Boots to pick up some beauty bargains. I do have to say that their powder products are great value for money at just £1.99, but I’ve not had as much luck with other products in the range.

Sleek Powder Blusher in Rose Gold – I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that majorly jumped on the rose gold bandwagon and had to have everything in a glittering rose shade, especially my cheeks. This blusher is pigmented so I need to use it sparingly, but it’s a product I do sometimes still reach for as it adds a lovely glow to the cheeks too.

Bourjois Cream Blush (sadly discontinued) – We all had to have at least one of these little cream blush pots, especially when they looked so cute. It helps that the formula of the Bourjois cream blushers is a dream to use as it’s so soft and creamy, and adds a beautiful but subtle colour to the cheeks.

Benefit High Beam – There was a time when the only highlighter you would reach for was High Beam, and boy was it a beauty. All it took was a few quick swipes of this liquid highlighter and you were good to go with glowing cheekbones.


Revlon Lip Butters (also discontinued) – Who remembers a time when we all had to collect as many shades of the Lip Butters as we could, along with drooling over the shades that were only available in the US. I managed to get my hands on a fair few Lip Butters during that time, but sadly I’ve gotten rid of most of them and hardly reach for the shades I have left… which is surprising as they’re actually good lip products.

Rimmel Apocalips (discontinued) – My first foray into lip creams… it took a lot to feel comfortable wearing something that wasn’t neutral and sheer, but I did love the Apocalips as they stayed put for so long and didn’t dry out the lips. My only quibble was that I really didn’t like the melon scent and taste.

Maybelline Baby Lips – I still remember how excited the beauty world got when Baby Lips finally launched in the UK, and I do have to say that the Intense Care version (pictured) is actually a fab balm for keeping your lips hydrated. It’s clear with a lemon taste and also has SPF 20 so is a great all rounder.

MAC Creme Cup – Say hello to one of the first MAC lipsticks I got my hands on… Creme Cup. This was the pinky nude shade to have as it was so creamy and seemed to suit just about anyone, but I’ve now realised that it’s a bit too light for my fair skin and doesn’t look quite right, boohoo.


Barry M Nail Paints – Back when I started blogging, my nail polish collection consisted of just Barry M Nail Paints. That’s how much I loved them! The shade range was great and the formula couldn’t be easier to use, with nails lasting quite a while before you could spot any wear and tear. The best thing is that they’re still so affordable at £2.99, and there’s also a number of new ranges including the Gelly Hi Shines and Coconut Infusions.