VO5 Finishing Sprays | Dry Backcomb & Dry Texturising

Long and naturally straight hair can be great, but it also means you’ll probably need to deal with flat and lifeless roots 90% of the time. This is something I’m faced with most days as my roots have next-to-no volume, so a good texturising spray is a must. For the longest time I was a loyal user of the L’Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray and was devastated when the spray was discontinued, so I was on the hunt for another affordable replacement. I eventually came across these 2 finishing sprays from VO5, and here’s how I got on..

I’ll start by saying that I only bought both sprays because they were on offer (I’m a sucker for promotions) but I thought I could alternate between them depending on how much oomph I wanted to add to my hair. I imagined the Dry Texturising Spray would be great for everyday wear when my roots were in need of a boost, especially after adding curls or waves, and that the Dry Backcomb Spray would be perfect for nights out or special occasions when I really wanted big hair. What I found, however, was that both sprays had pretty much the same effect on my hair. Both added some nice texture and definitely made my hair look bigger, but I just wanted to warn you in case you planned on picking up both in order to achieve 2 different looks.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like I’ve found my replacement texturising spray, but if you’re on the market for an affordable spray then these could be the ones for you.