How The Wet Brush changed my hair routine

Can you believe it.. I’ve only gone and found a hairbrush I love more than my Tangle Teezer?! I’ve gone through my fair share of Tangle Teezers over the last few years as I have incredibly knot-prone hair (especially after washing my hair) but recently I found myself falling out of love with my trusty brush. Enter The Wet Brush.

I think one of my biggest gripes with the Tangle Teezer was that it didn’t have a handle and was instead meant to fit in the palm of your hand while you brushed through your hair. I’m sure the shape of the brush is a good fit for a lot of people’s hands out there, but for some reason I just couldn’t keep a hold of it for long. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve thrown my Tangle Teezer across the room when I’ve tried to smooth out a knot! I also felt as though my Tangle Teezer was really starting to pull on my hair, and just wasn’t the same brush I’d fallen in love with years before.

Thankfully, The Wet Brush has taken care of these gripes. The long handle has made such a difference to the way I hold my brush now, and I’m happy to report that there haven’t been any flying hairbrushes since I started using The Wet Brush. Some knots may still require a bit of work to detangle but I’ve not felt any pulling or discomfort from The Wet Brush. Instead, it manages to glide through my damp hair and makes my haircare routine something that I actually look forward to now!